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Bette Dobkin HAF Advocate Award

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As a long standing C.A.R. Director, Bette Dobkin served with passion, dedication, and was a staunch supporter of C.A.R.’s Housing Affordability Fund. After losing her battle to cancer, the Trustees of the Housing Affordability Fund felt it only fitting to recognize Bette’s contributions and passion for affordable home ownership with the establishment of the annual C.A.R.H.A.F.  Bette Dobkin HAF Advocate Award.

If you have an individual to nominate please fill out the nomination form and submit by September 13, 2019 to be eligible.

1.   Nomination Application 

To be eligible make sure the following documents have are included:

1. Completed Nomination form
2. Essay
3. Local AOR Board of Directors Meeting Minutes reflecting the board nomination of said individual

If you have any question please call Alma Menchaca at (213)739-8352 or email her at almam@car.org 

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